我们认为Fablab是一种低成本的民间实验室,让人们使用数字和模拟工具构建他们需要的东西。 从简单的想法入手,构建强大的未来。Fablab Chengdu成立于2016年10月。由成都本地创客社区中最核心的一些人士联合发起建立。目前关注社区,环境,教育,生物等领域。目前主要在开展的项目是开源工具的本地化优化。本着fablab2.0的理念,依托强大国际创客社区,构建一个适合本地社区的开源全功能的工具包。涵盖工具,设备,软件,电子,控制器,生物合成等方面。
We believe that Fablab is a low-cost public Lab which provides chances for people to build what they need with digital and simulation tools. Start with a simple idea, and build a big future.
Built in Oct 2016, Fablab Chengdu is joint-launched by a few of the most essential people of local maker community. Concerned about the community, environment, education, biology and other fields, Fablab Chengdu is working on the project of localization of open source tools currently. Based on the idea of fablab 2.0, Fablab Chengdu aims to create a fully functional toolkit of open source for the local community relying on a strong international maker community, covering tools, equipment, software, electroni…etc.